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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Personal Breast Pump

The Ameda Purely Yours personal breast pump had been in service for nearly 10 years when our customer decided it was time to update their product. DDI was asked to provide conceptual designs illustrating a new, modern looking pump. Within a few weeks, DDI presented the customer several design concepts along with fully painted life-like rapid prototypes for marketing review and approval. Other design firms were also competing for this project and were still in the quoting / early development phase when DDI delivered our prototypes. Our ability to deliver high quality results with unmatched speed and responsiveness led to DDI being selected as the only design firm to move forward on this project.

Once the final concept was chosen, DDI advanced the Pump to a production-ready design over the course of approximately 12 weeks. The primary objective was to enhance the look and feel of the pump; however, during the redesign process, DDI was able to resolve major reliability issues as well as reduce noise and vibration when compared to the previous pump.

The new Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump is still in mass production and stands as another successful DDI project.

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