New Product Design is the core service offered by Design Department. From brainstorming and concept development, through production implementation, Design Department delivers innovative solutions to your most challenging design problems. Design Department can provide a full range of Product Design services, including world class Industrial Design combined with robust Mechanical and Electrical Engineering solutions; all of which are deployed using the latest CAD Design software. Our CAD designers are expert users of Pro-Engineer, PTC-Creo, and SolidWorks. We excel at quickly creating proof of concept prototypes that integrate world class surfacing with practical engineering solutions to meet the most challenging design constraints. Our approach to the design process yields proof of concept prototypes that go beyond simply meeting the performance specifications, but deliver value throughout the entire organizational chain.

Design Department has a unique approach to the use of Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), which is a powerful design tool. FEA can be used to solve structural problems as well as optimize material usage for reliable and effective mass reduction. Our practical approach to the use of FEA is based on our knowledge that no simulation tool is perfect. We understand how to tie simulation results back to reality and will recommend design changes that our customers can implement with confidence. Example design problems where DDI utilized FEA to solve tough design problems are listed below:

•    Design Department used FEA to remove a damaging resonance on a large steel structure which was creating regulatory compliance issues.

•    Design Department completed the analysis of low cost and highly stressed polypropylene medical component, including the use of non-linear material properties. The design was successfully executed and achieved a balance of strength and flexibility while meeting the extremely challenging reliability requirements.

Our Comprehensive Reverse Engineering process goes far beyond basic 3D scanning; we provide a full picture of all the technical information required to move forward with your engineering or sourcing project. Design Department can provide a detailed analysis of nearly any component or assembly and generate new 3D CAD models and 2D drawings with key details such as material composition, heat treatment requirements, microstructure, precision measurement re-created with certainty and clarity. This type of service is perfect for legacy sourcing projects where the technical information is either not available, or insufficient for re-sourcing of key components.

Does your product have unique requirements for certain markets generating the need for some level of custom product accessory? Design Department can design, source, and produce low volume accessory kits with annual volumes of 10-1000 pieces per year. Smaller volume specialty kits can facilitate entrance into new markets, or market segments. Do you have a consumer product that has specialized requirements for military use? Do you have a new international market segment with high growth potential and specialized performance or regulatory requirements? Design Department can provide a full range of design, prototyping and sourcing services for low volume, highly specialized accessory kits.

Design Department has significant experience in the design of direct injected two stroke engines. We have also delivered high performance 4-stroke muffler & airbox designs along with intake system and CAM profile optimization.

DDI can provide our partners with ready to prototype 3-D CAD models and drawings of optimized engine components based on GT-Power engine simulations. Our engineers are experienced in delivering practical product development solutions and not simply analysis for the sake of analysis.

Contact DDI for GT-SUITE Services related to:

•   Engine Performance Modeling
•   Exhaust System & Muffler Design
•   Intake System Design
•   CAM Profile Optimization

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