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Project X

DDI was approached by our customer with a nearly impossible request. DDI was asked to design, develop, and prototype 2 unique concept vehicles destined for a major international auto show in 13 weeks or less. DDI was able to take our customer’s basic vision and transform it into 2 remarkable and innovative concept vehicles. One of the 2 concept vehicles was uniquely positioned for rural markets in emerging countries and DDI conceived and implemented several unique features of the concept that were incredibly exciting to the target markets. This concept looked as if it could have been put into production quickly as it delivered a highly functional look and feel. The second concept was a look into the future and displayed a vision of how emerging technologies could transform a familiar product. The second concept was a true work of art and delivered a balance between a highly technical look while maintaining an approachable and environmentally friendly image.

In addition to the physical concept vehicles, DDI delivered high quality marketing materials including HD rendered animations of each product in action. DDI is built to deliver projects like Project X. We are technically sound, fast, flexible and extremely creative under pressure. Our customer was so happy with the results of Project X that the project ended with a round of hugs and celebratory high fives. If you are a business owner or key corporate decision maker that is struggling to get your product visions transformed into reality, give DDI a call. Together we can bring your Revolution to Reality.

Note: The images associated with Project X are highly confidential and shown here are simply placeholders for this exciting project. Please contact us if you would like more information on this amazing project.

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